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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 6, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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southwest flight without a ticket. we will tell you about the questions and concerns this is all sparking. a young girl is publicly sexually assaulted, the record they now have the two dangerous storms have people rushing to stock up on supplies and it is all ahead on the td vu mornings news. this is tk tv u mornings news. food morning, -- good morning, this involves a brand- new car crash and it involved a car out of control flying off the freeway, just a crazy
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story, i am pam cook. >> and i had the windshield wipers on this morning, steve. was there rain? yes, just a little bit. >> i guess, we now have tropical, but another round of it today. . the low is still sending in a lot of moisture but it looks like some drying will take place as the system dives south a lot of 50s and #0s and most of it is pushing far south and it is definitely up towards mendocino county and back over
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to freemont. a little bit of rain, cloud cover keeps temperatures down a few degrees. if you are attending tonight, san francisco muni will be offering beyonce. you can see traffic lights towards concord and it is getting busy out there and so far we have no delays. at the golden gate bridge, folks are headed into san francisco, on the left hand side and it is looking guilts delays, right now no systemwide. let's go back to the desk. breaking news from cop cord, an out of control car
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smashes into several vehicles after flying off the we -- flee ways there are more than just a lot of cars damaged, what happened? >> reporter: from i-680 on to burnett avenue, across this median, wound out until front but let's show you some video we shot earlier today. >> now the car was left on its roof with the horn sounding and it appears the car was trying to get off of burnett avenue and could not navigate the auto
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ramp and slammed into the pack and he was taken to an area hospital and we can tell you what roads were wet here at the time and no word on whether that was a factor in this accident. it has been cleared and the off and on ramp are both clear, for now and passenger safety at the stow away from san jose to lax. janine dela vega joins us with the response from southwest, janeane? we are here in front of terminal b and this is where it is located.
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it is still unknown how all related without a ticket. so farther not seeing how she did it. she was screened at the security checkpoint with hector ambriz are ares say it was professor and they took her in for trespassing after realizing she was not ticketed after finding out she had purchased she had not purchased a ticket. the number one pry -- priority. in addition to investigating
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including the tsa. southwest will not release anymore details and she has been or rested had those and the air airport security, this comes after a 4-year-old managed to jump and fence here and board a flight to maui. they insist this situation is unreef lasted and it was a screen scream and coming up, we will tell you what a local congressman is saying and how he a critical of what happened here. reporting live, janine dela
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vega, news news. fright inning and we'll see them rush to the planes but both were able to land safe lively. -- safely. a small fire was reported on the plane and an a air call guam and now they are bracing for both a hurricane and tropical storm. if you are planning to fly to hawaii or tomorrow, you can search something else and they are waving change pass fat and you will be allowed to change to another departing flight through august 12th. and in the meantime, and
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the hurricane is due to hit with heavy winds and then make and they are trying to and usually everybody rushes pause they realize how prepared they really are. >> they also formed and they realize this and they may face legal sanctions here in california. that is because they unanimously approved a measure which would make it a crime to remove, correct or modify mugshots. the regulation is now headed to the governor's desk and they
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have intro date -- this amounts to extortion and he is described at about 110 inches toll. 18 roll pounds with tattoos on also arms. that is when the girl told police that the man walked into the bathroom and sexually assaulted her. >> we automatic have parents and them r investigating because people do need a key. they are looking into the nook it be and they will not be
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allowed to sell sag and they say it makes no sense to go to pharmacy for health supplies and see tobacco for sale. they are urging others to follow their lead. 5:09 is the time right now while beyonce, the unwelcomed supplies many had others waiting for them. wait until you see an unbelievable rescue caught on camera. they saved an elderly cupel and here is a look at highway 24 to
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lafayette. >> hayward and livermore are almost 70 degrees and we'll see if there is any trough cap measure. .
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. it is an unbelievable rescue. nearly so airmen raced to rescue them before the elatedly couple was a swept away and the
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water was rising and rushing so quickly they didn't have time to think about their own safety. >> i haded to slam the door and tell the guys on the other side to grab her and take her out of there. >> after rescuing the couple, one airman got caught in the current and another jumped in to save him in the nick of time and thank fully no injuries are reported in that flash-flood. after the. >> it was a big success as people came together to prevent crime. now here in concord at santos parkings an outdoor concert to celebrate and life long, he has seen the city's ups and downs and praising the partnership for people they serve for preventing crime.
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>> similar events were held from menlo park to napa and also 6 bart stations including people who couldn't make it out and showing support from crime prevention. the cal football player is now suing the uc board of regions. the football staff should have recognized he was in distress during a run. he suffered from sickel sell anemia, something his family said he should have been doing. >> unfortunately he lost his life due to the lack of supervision and training by cal athletic staff. >> the lawyer says one of the trainers at cal was the same one link to the death six years
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ago. cal issued this response to the lawsuit, while we cannot discuss any medical history, we follow all protocol with student medical conditions. and they have more about gay marriage fights from kentucky, and tennessee. this is called the biggest physician of its kind so far. they are putting it is ap mental right. they have delivered add victory to gay opponents and it is trucks down as part of the defensive marriage act last year. 5:16 is the time, let's go in for tara, in for sal, any
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guesses as to where that might be? the toll plaza? >> good guess. they have to leave really early to get where they need to go and plan it willing am and 880 westbound we have no delays. and finally 101 is looking pretty good at this hour and folks on the right-hand side are making the drive to fso, let's check in with steve. thank you very much. it's still a and now the main impact should be some flash-
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flooding and it looks like south of mauer which and eulogio will do the same thing. dryer air is spilling and we continue to see the tropical -- tropical moisture move in. july had into rape more rain than the tsunami. and not all of of this is reaching the ground but some of it is. palo alto then back over towardsed mountains, well don't we all well, it is dry air coming in and yesterday they had more sun and they were 80s
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and 90s and many other locations are a good 15 to 20 degrees cooler. look at the lows near 70 and it is actually 61 in santa rosa. there is hardly any breeze and in most locations they are less than 10-mile-per-hour. 50 in tahoe and 66 in ukiah. moisture streams in from the east and you can see dry air and eventually that will sweep south and we will get some sun breaks. his and mitt with a let showers and it is here with light rain and if you get any sun, man is it hot, it just feels hot. 80s and the 90s and it does not
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take much to get into the upper 80s and 90s for many which was held in check clouds versus no clouds. humidity is still going to be hot, then another low, there will be a series coming up and bringing temperatures down on the weekend. vindicated it is coming down, sprint has been working on the deal for months and said it needed to merge to remain competitive with verizon and now federal regulators have been concerned in the wireless market. media giant said they have withdrawn its bid for time warner and murdock announced they were willing to pay $80 billion for time warner. they also rejected advances and they are a little bit relentless, time warner stock has dropped this morning after
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the stocks' announcement. time, they are calling it the biggest data breach in history and the information stolen, how you can protect yourself. and the action producers must now take when it comes to gluten free products. posturep. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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. so far a 72 hour cease-fire in hamas is holding. yesterday people took advantage, they shopped at the markets and then went back home. they began a 10:00 p.m. monday night and they are meeting in cairo trying to work out a long-term peace deal it started july 8th and so far 1900 people have been killed in gaza and 76 -- 76 have been killed in israel. his wife is weak but improve being. nancy writebol arrived in  atlanta from liberia. she was working with the group s i m usa. they were considering funeral arrangements and now they are optimistic and he is
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considering be home with her while she continues treatment. she a was arrive being and at that time, president barack obama was addressing them at the summit. he recognized their hard work an offered prayers for the people affected. nearly 900 people have died from ebola virus and the disease spreads through bodily fluids which is blood and saliva. and there is a new labeling law for food. it has less than 20 parts per million and people with celiac disease have to avoid gluten. 5 3,000 americans have celiac disease. and they will team up and shield their health records.
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they are setting up what they call a california integrated exchange and they say it will help doctors sayre medical records from 9 million members and it is due to to take affect. the members should have had more input about it. time now 526, hundreds are stranded, why bart service was also affected and what commuters you should expect today. some music fans, j.z. beyonce concert goers got an unwelcomed surprise, we will tell you about one surprise in one parking lot. traffic is flowing nicely on into the peninsular and we will look at the sunole grade coming up. you were not hearing things, a lot of cloud cover and very warm lows and the rain
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will be with us and temperatures are warming up and staying on the cool and warm humid side.
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. welcome back, will you look at this, this is the scene of a very unusual crash involving brand-new cars which have not made it off the car lot, they
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are just smashed. coming up christian captain will tell you, there is more to the story, stay tuned. and middle of the week, august 6thth, i am dave clark. just about 530. i see steve paulson making his way over. i prefer your word of tropical. that is where you would rather be. >> some light rain over us, and there is probably putting something on the deck and on parts of the peninsular, the low is going between areas and going south and it is sending bands of clouds over you are us and we'll see some clearing north to south in the north bay and many locations were socked in with the clouds, temperatures 80s and 90s and it
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is actually 61 in san francisco, a lot of cloud cover, and it is more show than go and it makes its way clouds, boy that temperature will drop so degrees, 70s and 80s to near 90s, here is tara. this is something we are not used to so make sure you don't speed. here is a a live look at the eastern span and that could be changing soon. traffic is looking good on the right-hand side of your screen as you make the drive southbound #0. let's head back to the desk. we continue to follow breaking news where a car flew
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off the runway and into a car dealership. christian captain joins us and we are still not up on this crash? it should not have a big impact on the morning commute and it actually started and went a whys this ditch and wound up in the back of these two preowned cars at infinity. that was the scene at around 3:00 a.m. with that car left inverted and its horn sounding off following the accident and it appears the car was trying to get off and simply could not navigate. he was taken to an area hospital and no word at this point on how badly injured he
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is. at this point, there is no word on what led up to the accident but we will tell you. we can tell you at this point the on ramp and off ramp to burnett avenue are both opened so we are not anticipating a big impact on this morning's commute in the concord area and we will continue to follow details and we would like to follow and find out more about this accident and find out if there could be anything other than weather as a factor and as a possible factor. we are live here in concord, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, the beyonce j.z. concert had an unfortunate ending for some of the fans. alex savage is in san francisco with a warning if you plan to head out tonight's show, good
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morning, alex. it was certainly a disappointing end to the show for people who parked less than a mile from at&t to attend the concert. some folks returned to their cars to find the windows shattered. let me take this. they have a total of nine cars and they might be used in this parking lot and they have not figured out what may have been stolen but the officer i spoke to said this kind of thing does happen in the city and they take advantage when there are more cars than usual left unattended. we are working to get them started.
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they said they could hear last night's show in petrerro hill. they said the entire show came in loud and clear. twowomen posted a gray open brush. >> i don't know what she is going to sing, i am just so excited. >> tonight's show starts at 8:00 and the on run tour is expected to bring in 100 police beyond and that's near the bark tracks. they ordered he have one to get
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off and although the bomb was not found, nothing was found and they stopped the service through the tube for about two hours. a second bus was found so they could study it and they wanted to work on the next bus. >> he learned how to operate it, put on his bomb suit and had a situation where he could not use a robot and went in there. people who were told living nearby were told to stay indoors. viewers posted these photos online from their long awaited come a mute and it -- commute and it ruined plans for many people, one person came in to
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see the j diseconomy certificate and more than mitt, we will be stuck with no refunds and nothing. now this was the third and it turned out the suitcase contained harmless computer parts. and they have shut down the part police apple eval way -- evacuated that station as a precaution. and the new eastern span of the bay bridge, concord state senator will ask the state attorney general pamela harris
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to launch a criminal investigation. yesterday during a hearing, witnesses accused map jersey will made in after they are retaliating against engineers criticizing the span. they have a memory of aco work he can killed on the -- worker killed on the job. chp said a woman in a black mercedes veered off the highway and hit jim and it was part of a training crew and that is
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help helping people giving them the training they need for a new life. >> it is essential that people get a second chance and get the training they need. >> now the woman who was driving that car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they are looking into whether drugs or a medical condition was part of that crash. two people have died at dayton ohio. the 21-year-old suspect was waving the firearms at he have one. collapsed and died from the medical condition while running
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from the scene. and the days could be numbered for certain controversial websites. they aimed at protecting those with mugshots and one lawmaker says it is extortion. and the term piece the and you can see traffic is moving along well there, taking a look at some other bay area roadways coming up. and it does look like a little different pattern, we will explain that coming up.
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lieutenant governor gavin says he is prepared to campaign in 2016 in favor of the issue but he says the measure would have to be written the right way and for example, he says the legal age for using marijuana should be 21 and the extra tax revenue should go back to cities and taxes. they spoke at the bar association in green bray. and the county board of supervisors has extended the ban on unincorporated parts of the county. they have a permanent ban which is scheduled to go into effect later next month. the send risk could have requested them to go into four locations pouredderring and
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this this one, santa clara supervisors voted to move forward with an idea to house children from central america who cross the border with local host families and the idea is to get them out of overcrowded detention facilities and they can decide if they can remain here in the united states. it is an issue that sparked humanitarian debate. >> it is also a manufacturerred crisis by politicians here and a broad. >> this are many young people seeking refuge in our country... >> the debate has to go over how the program will be funned. and is your -- funded. and county court system, courthouses in palo alto and morgan hill will no longer be
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offering services they have offered in the past. neither court will offer traffic court or small claims court and the morgan hill will not hear civil cases anymore. in san oh hay... >> we are not going to do that at the level we once did... >> 50 courthouses have been closed as well as five courtrooms. 2 him -- two million people were affected. they did add court funding to the new budget but it comes after several years of new budget cuts. now would be a good time to change your password. 1.2 billion user names have been stolen by a criminal gang in russia. they discovered the breach and
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they added they stole 540 million e-mail addresses and they are being used to send spam on social networks. another national a security showing an expansion of the watch list, since the documents were dated august 2013 which is after edward edward snowden fled to russia, they think somebody new is involved. the breach appears to be more of a tip off to reporters than more of a mass data dump. and getting to where we need to go, what just happened in oakland? we have a connectorrer car and hopefully it will not be.
5:47 am
of a problem this time yes, and pretty much any second, they will be going on and give yourself some extra time to get into the city. and highway 4, the steady stream of headlights towards concord and on to 680, a tad sluggish, give yourself time for that. >> steve, how is it going? >> how is your girlfriend? >> she is on vacation right now. >> we do have a couple of reports of rain out in san ramon and big drops, rain on the new 49er stadium, should i go jogging? not yet. yes, very nice.
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talk weather what have you call yen tie and sonoma, right over to pleasanton and we updated back over to redwood city and looks like dumbo and loss altos and back into the discuss mountains. >> we came all the way up and parts of san francisco, now it is diving south and some rain and the lows are way up there. >> upper 60s to near 70 for many, almost 70 degrees and yes, a lot of humidity, as they continue to march on there, you can see the moisture source, it looks like drying to the north
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and we'll see gradual clearing and once they go through the clouds, it will be muggy and what have you. morgan hill, gilroy, many areas east bay and they were much cooler, there is some of that rain power over to santa clara, a little bit circling the wagons. clouds humid, 80 and sun and it is hot. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90, if you clear them, it is 75 degrees cooler and they will get more clouds covered for longer and they will see more clearing and they will jump up from 10 degrees longer. still some clouds and mugginess and warmup over the weekend. all right, steve, we have breaking news fire crews are still at the scene of a fire.
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just an hour ago, they got an emergency call from willow. >> when. it is a cease senior assisted living machine san jose and these are live pictures and you can see the firefighters up on the roof. the fire started on the roof of the administrative building. they contain the fire and no evacuation is fired. janine de la vega almost have a live report. in june the u.s. deficit dropped to $41.5 billion and that's 70% from may. u.s. oil imports fell since late 2010 and americans also bought cell phones from overseas. they are actually up slightly as women. apple and samsung are
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calling it a a partial truce, they have an infringement except here in the -- accept here in the -- except here in the u.s. a group much adults and children were saved and why they were forced to abandon ship. windows smashed, the reason it was done on purpose of what is in the store. >> the girl up for grabs.
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. he voluntarily walked away and now should face desertion charges. and a family owned grocery store in berkeley, take a look, this happened early sunday july 2 th, the fbi said a posting
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says it was tar getted by an animal rights activist because it sells meat. the search goes on this morning for a missing captain whose boat ran aground. we first told you this, there is an outstanding warrant for the arrest of timothy lie brand and we also found his record includes time served in prison and past drug convections. now he was last seen after his ship ran aground in 10 feet of water. he was going to swim ashore. it is expected to be moved later today. and that problem was
5:56 am
reported yesterday afternoon at a line on 46th avenue. service for one home was affected. the bus line was was rerouted and it took about an hour to fix a water-main break at the city's town area. and the huge water-main break the one that spilled millions of gallons of water, old welding techniques also contributed to last week's break. although the pipe was about 100 years old, it is not scheduled to be replaced and there is no indication anything was wrong. meanwhile, hundreds of students are getting a chance to look
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and they can pick up and many of cars -- many of the cars were caked with mud and they had insurance adjustors on the scene to help people file their claims. >> can you imagine that? >> oh, it is awful and all of that water in the middle of a drought. another bad mess, just ahead, the unwelcomed surprise for the people leaving the beyonce concert. and after the break, the latest on the second alarm for this residential fire. and lafayette area shows traffic, it is a little slow going and if you have an accident, a hit-and-run to tell you about coming up. we have some rain out there, about hayward and san ramon, is this over or is there more moisture on the way?
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. a cargoes out of control, and smashes, what we still don't know about this destructive crash. and it was a disappointment for some music fans. we will tell you about the series which happened during last night's show at at&t park. another stow away, the way she flew and what they saying about this latest breach in airport security.


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